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What to do in case of emergency?

How do you manually open the garage door when you just can’t wait?

Sometimes you just can’t wait for a professional
Sometimes you just can’t wait for a professional

Today most garage doors are automatic. They have a motorized garage door opener which allows you to open or close your garage door in a touch of a button.

The newest models also allow for Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to remotely control your garage door and even have it open for you when you arrive home. You can read more about these smart systems here.

So why do you need to manually open or close your garage door? well, obviously for emergency cases. Imaging needing to go out in a hurry and your garage door won’t open. It could be because of a faulty opener, power failure or even just because you lost your remote (another reason to move on to a smart garage door). under these circumstances, you will need to open your garage door manually and close it after to secure your home.

This article is meant exactly for this. Here we will teach you how to easily open or close your garage door manually.

Just follow these instructions: Manually open and close your garage door from the inside

This situation is the easiest to handle. Most garage door openers have an override switch, allowing you to manually

open or close the garage door. If your garage connects to your house, then enter it through the main house. If you can’t get access to your garage, you’ll need to call a garage door professional.

Warning! Before proceeding, make sure the garage door is fully closed and no one is near.

  1. Located the emergency release cord. It should be a red cord hanging from your garage door opener.

  2. Pull it carefully. You should here a pop sound meaning the garage door is now disconnected from the motor. If you find it difficult to pull, stop and call a professional!

  3. You should be able to now lift your garage door with both hands. Do this carefully! If you feel a resistance, stop. This could mean the garage door is off track.

  4. Lift the garage door all the way up. Without the motor, the door could slide down back. Make sure the door is fully overhead before releasing it.

  5. To close the door, simply hold it with both hand and gently let it slide back down. Then lock it with the manual lock.

Resetting the garage door opener

Once you managed to open and close the garage door and emergency or power failure is over then you will need to reconnect the door to the motor and reset it. Follow these instructions to safely bring you garage door back to life.

  1. First, while in manual mode, open the garage door all the way up until it’s fully overhead.

  2. Now, pull the red emergency cord straight down to connect the door back to the motor. In some garage door openers, you may need to pull the cord down and towards the garage door. Wait for a loud click which lets you know the trolley is successfully reconnected to the opener carriage.

  3. Finally, click the remote button or the wall button to operate your garage door.

If you followed these steps successfully then your garage door should function properly now.

In some cases, you will need to plug out the garage door motor, wait for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

If after all this, the garage door still won’t work, call a professional. Your garage door opener may have been damaged.

Again, we want to mention a few safety issues you should follow.

  1. Before manually opening the door, make sure it’s fully closed. If the door is half way open, call a professional. Don’t try to fix it yourself!

  2. If you are trying to open the garage door because of a power failure, make sure the opener motor is unplugged. Do this to prevent electric shock in case the power comes back on.

  3. Make sure the area near the garage door is clear of people, pets and obstacles. In Manual mode you don’t have much control on the garage door.

And… as always, if your garage door won’t open and this is not an emergency, call a professional. At Integrity Garage Doors we give 24/7 service and respond to emergency calls.

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