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What is the most Vulnerable room in your house?

Protect your garage to prevent getting robbed

San Francisco is the nation leader in property crimes. Most property criminals focus on homes and cars. The last is particularly worrying. Over 30,000 reports were filled in 2017. These are bad news for car and home owners.

1 in 38 home owners have the chance to become a victim of a property crime according to law enforcements.

Making your house burglary proof is not complicated. Personal security systems for your home are not expensive and can be installed in less than a day. In addition, special locks can be used in case you leave your house unattended for a long period of time.

We will review the best home security systems in an upcoming article of ours. Unfortunately, most home owners forget to secure their home’s weakest link, which is the garage.

This large and often single panel door is a favorite entrance spot for many burglars. Whether they use a smart key hack (see another article here) or a simple crow-bar.

The garage door is the first place to get compromised. So, what can you do to ensure your garage door is secured?

Your garage door

The actual door should be made from resilient materials and from a known brand which will provide for the needed warranty. Most garage door manufacturers offer different levels of security depending on your needs.

In addition, if you garage door is required to withstand strong or hurricane winds than some manufacturers can provide you with a solution. If your garage door has windows than make sure they are made from tempered glass which is much stronger than normal glass.

Smart-up your garage door

If you are a follower of our Blog than you already know we covered this issue in some of our articles. Basically, this is a garage door opener which connects to a smart Wi-Fi system accompanied by security cameras and sensors to ensure only allowed user can open and close the garage door.

if you want to learn more about this subject, we suggest you start with this article.

Inner locks for your garage door

In case you leave your house for a long period of time than it’s a good idea to have an extra locking mechanism which will ensure that your garage door stay closed no matter what.

Some unplug the motor from the power outlet or use a zip line to secure the emergency pull cord. The best solution to our opinion is to use what is known as a garage door side lock.

This simple gadget will allow you to easily slide it to lock the garage door from the inside as any locksmith will tell you.

Specialized garage door locks

In this category you can find a few products by known garage door manufacturers. These can be easily installed, and they are fully automatic. Every time the garage door closes it locks it securely and it’s releases automatically when you open the garage door. This option is available only for motorized garage door openers.

These two automatic locks are the most popular:

Liftmaster 841LM Automatic Garage Door Lock – from $75

SureLock Garage Door DeadBolt – from $75

Get yourself a dog

If you’re a dog person, most chances you already have one. As most dog owners know, it doesn’t have to be a security dog, Just a load one.

Most dogs can sense if someone is trying to enter the house and start to bark. That’s mostly enough to force the robbers to move to a different house, preferably without a dog…

Final words

While writing this article we can’t help to think that it’s probably not much fun to read these words. But our approach is that a secure home and a secured garage will give you a peace of mind.

As always, if you have any questions or you are in need for a professional’s advice than fill free to call us at Integrity Garage Doors. We will be more than happy to assist.

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