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The ultimate man’s cave

Watch some eye watering garage designs that will make you park outside from now on.

From the dawn of ages, men were searching for a quite hideaway. A place to get away from it all. For the unfortunate ones, we use the toilet for this purpose. The lucky ones, gets to have his own man’s cave.

If you are looking for inspiration, you came to the right place! These guys have it all. Just feast your eyes on these amazing examples of the ultimate man’s cave.

The obvious choice – a sports bar

Bar counter, stools and beer faucet. That’s pretty much all you need. However, some people take the extra step. Big-screen TV, 

big and comfy sofa and a refrigerator. These could upgrade every home bar. You could also consider bar decor, sound system, air conditioning and cheesy neon signs to perfect your garage man’s cave.

If you fancy something more active – the play room

For those who live in more chilled areas and still like to stay active, the playroom is a holy grail. Ping-pong and pool tables, gym equipment, boxing arenas, gaming stations. You name it! The sky is the limit here. 

Accompanied with an insane flat-TV and sound system, this will make kids and grown-ups go crazy and invite pretty much everybody to come and hang out. Not a big challenge. They will be pouring in.

Many go for the more adult version with poker tables, roulettes and a bar.

Home improvement – The tool’s man cave

For those who prefer a shopping spree at home depot than anything else, the garage workshop is the way to go. Benches with spinning chair to give the perfect lazy access to everything. 

Power tools with a charging station for the batteries. Steel lockers, checkboard flooring and car posters to complete the home workshop design. You could always pretend you’re working on your car or bike.

Something for everyone

Although all of these are great ideas to have this extra garage space utilized nicely.

But in most case, you can find a nice blend of them all. Modern storage solutions could be found everywhere. Closets to hide TV or sporting equipment. Just add a sofa and a mini-bar and you are set.

Whichever way you choose to go, don’t forget to protect it all behind a secured garage door. 

With sound and weather insulation, remote operated motor to open and close the garage door and Wi-Fi connectivity. This will allow for a climate-controlled environment with no noise coming in or out.

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