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The swiss army knife of garage door openers

Ryobi’s garage door accessories system is quite unique

There are a lot of garage door openers in the market. They share much needed features such as Wi-Fi connectivity for smart operation. You can read more about it here. But this is where they end their contribution to your garage.

This is where the Ryobi garage door opener stands out. Unlike the other garage door openers, it features a unique modular system which allow you to enhance your garage door opener capabilities and offer you something quite unique.

The mothership

First things first, obviously the main thing the garage door opener does it to open and close your garage door. the main unit is a beautiful made and located as always on your garage celling. It features a 2HP motor for quicker opening and long life. It also has a built-in LED light that lights up your garage.

This is where the cool part starts. The main unit has multiple sockets you can plug different accessories to. From a high-power inflator to a security camera. Since Ryobi also has power tool product line, there are more than 125 different accessories you can attach to your garage door opener.

Transform your garage opener

Once the main unit is installed, you can easily plug-in as much as 7 different accessories. It takes seconds to change between the different modules.

These are the current available modules you can add:

  1. High-power inflator – $89

  2. Security camera – $85

  3. 30 FT. retractable power cord – $64

  4. Garage fan – $44

  5. Laser parking assist system – $38

  6. Bluetooth speaker – $44

Obviously with the power cord extender you can plug-in any electric device you wish which makes this system very versatile and useful.

The garage door opener itself costs a reasonable $248 and it comes with a back-up battery and a limited lifetime warranty on motor and belt and 3-year guaranty on other parts.

You get the garage door opener, mounting rails, 2 car remotes, wireless outdoor keypad, wireless indoor keypad and safety sensors as required by California law.

The other modules cost extra. You can see the different module prices. And finally, you can control all of this via your Smartphone with Ryobi’s free app.

The DIY garage opener

Ryobi’s garage door opener is also made for those of you who must do everything by themselves. it’s relatively easy to install and doesn’t have many moving parts. Also, Ryobi’s large online manuals and instructions are available in 3 different languages so if you are a DIY guy, this is the garage door opener for you.

It may sound as this garage door opener is for professionals or DIY addicts but it’s for everyone. Once installed, it’s easy to use and plugin-in the different modules is effortless.

So, if you are interested in this garage opener or others, we at Integrity Garage Doors will be happy to help and install one for you.

* Just a small disclaimer, Integrity Garage Doors is not associated with Ryobi in any way and this article is not a commercial for Ryobi. It’s just our humble opinion.

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