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The best garage upgrade you could think of

If you actually park your car inside your garage, then this is a must

It may seem odd, but many people don’t even use their garage for parking. Garage conversions are popular, and we covered some interesting garage conversion in our article here.

But if you are one of those weirdos that park their car inside their garage then this is the ultimate upgrade for you.

The upgrade in question is a car lift. Yes, a car lift.

There are several reasons you should install one.

  1. If you ever needed to endure the hard labor in replacing a tire. With a car lift you can lift your car in 40 seconds and replace it effortlessly.

  2. The space where you park your car is useless. The only thing you can install there is a car lift. You park your car normally and use the lift when necessary.

  3. You can save a fortune in replacing the engine’s oil by yourself. With a car lift, it’s easy and you won’t need to drive all the way to the mechanic and spend extra money.

  4. There’s another type of special lift which allows you to park two cars in the same space by lifting one up and parking the other car below it.

  5. A car lift inside your garage is a high carb appeal and you can also show off to your friends and help them service their car.

So, with all these great reasons, it’s a good idea for us to tell you a bit about the available car lifts you can purchase and install in your garage. Car lifts are available in a range of different types that include 4 post, 2 post, scissor and ramp car lifts. 

However, depending upon the size of your garage and its usage will determine the best car lift that suits your requirements.

An important thing you need to check is your garage and car measurements. You need to make sure you have enough space for the car lift including the garage ceiling’s height. We’ve listed below the best car lifts suitable for residentials homes and garages.

Triumph NT-9 2-Post Car Lift

One of the most popular car lifts in the market. It doesn’t take much space, it’s affordable and simple to operate. It can lift 9,000 LBS which is more than enough for the average car. The list height is maxed at 72 inches which let’s you adjust the height of the car to your likings. It’s 3HP motor lifts the car quickly and it takes just 40 seconds for full lift.

Priced at about $1,800 it’s considered to be one of the most affordable in its range. The price does not include shipping and installing.

Triumph NSS-8 4-Post Car Lift

Another very popular lift from Triumph. This 4-post lift car lift your car and allow you to park another below safely. It has 10 automatic locking positions so you can be sure that your lifted car will stay up safely. The weight limit is 8,000 LBS. again, enough for most cars.

Another excellent feature is the accessories you get with it including 2 loading plates, caster kit, jack tray and 3 drip trays which will allow more flexible design for your needs.

It’s also relatively easy to move when you move to a new location. Priced at around $,2,500 it’s more expensive than the 2-post model but it gives you much more.

BendPak MD-6XP Scissor Lift

This smart alternative for the 2 or 4 post design is the scissor lift. It’s much smaller which makes it muck more portable so you can store it away when not it uses. Priced at around $2,500, it’s not cheap but it’s much easier to install and setup and it comes with free shipping. The scissor lift will allow you to raise your car to 48 inches. Less then the other models but enough for most day to day tasks. Just don’t expect to replace your transition with it.

APlusLift 2 Post Home Garage Lift

This lift is for more heavier vehicles. It will lift your 10,000 LBS car if you have one. A cleaver double S column design can lift SUVs and trucks. If you have a big garage (to park you big SUV or truck) than you can install one of these babies.

Lift height of 83 inches, 220V electric motor for minimum maintenance and diamond plate steel with supporting bracket for extra security. Priced at whapping $5,250 it almost twice as the other lifts but if you own a big car then a big lift is necessary.

Safety issues

Whatever model you choose, make sure you order professionals to install and test it before you use it. Lifting a car up in the air is a serios matter and should not be handled by untrained installers. 

Professionals should check your garage before installing and make sure the floor is solid concrete and leveled enough to safely house a car lift.

Another important thing. If you use a 2-post design, don’t use it to park your car up. This design is not intended for this. Only use it to service your car and then lower the car back down.

If you have other questions and need to consult about car lift in your garage, don’t hesitate to call us at Integrity Garage Door. we will be more than happy to help.

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