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Solar Garage Door

Your garage is closed and faces the sun most of the day. Why not use that to save money?

Most private homes don’t have the required space for solar panels on their rooftops. This is untrue off course if you don’t mind ruin your beautiful red brick roof looks. 

However, your garage door is just a waist of space. Most people try to find new and creative ways to use this space with a styled garage door. 

Wood, metal and glass are used for this purpose and while we at Integrity Garage Doors are all for it, you could embrace a new greener and more cost-effective trend.

An average solar panel will produce 1kWh of electric power per square meter. A single garage door can fit enough solar panels to produce 10 times as much. 

More than enough to power your garage door opener and add some. Off course a solar system can be fitted on almost every home.


When you install a solar panel kit, you use the batteries that comes with the kit. They allow to store the power from the solar panels so you could use it later. 

Besides the obvious reason of saving money, it allows you to power vital home appliances during a power fail. 

There’s nothing more annoying that arriving home in a storm to find your garage door and entire house pitch black due to power failure. With solar systems you could open your garage door even during the worst weather.

Go electric

Another huge advantage of solar panels is using it to charge your electric car. Why not enjoy the fact we live in sunny California and make the sun power your car? Amazing!

Did you know its even possible to have enough solar panels installed to sell back power to the power company?

Although it’s not possible by fitting solar panels only on your garage door, it’s still a valuable space to use in case you are solar freak and need more space.

How do I get one?

There’s plenty of companies that sell DIY solar kits for installation at private homes. If you are an experienced DIY person, you’ll probably can handle such work.

If you’re not a do it yourself kind of guy than you can ask a garage door professional to help you with getting and installing one at your home. You could even have a smart system which you can monitor remotely with your smartphone.

What about business owners?

Weather you’re a small business owner or a large company owner, you can benefit from solar panels. Many businesses use commercial garage doors. 

These can be powered by a solar unit placed on the roof or somewhere else in the facially area.

One popular request we get it to install a solar powered gate in remote areas. Some of which don’t even have a constant power supply.

Final note

We saved the best reason for last. Using solar power is a green and efficient way to generate electricity.

Why not set an example for your neighborhood and be the first to install a solar system on your garage door?

We promise you will than see more and more of your neighbors embrace the idea. Save money, Be ECO friendly and be ready for anything without having to depend on your local power supplier.

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