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Lights up

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

These cool products can really add some light to your life

Here at Integrity Garage Doors and Gates, we always search for new and interesting ideas. Today we’ll show you a couple of products that caught our eye.

When it comes to lighting your garage, you have many options to choose from. In the past this subject was totally ignored and a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling was the choice of many.

Today, most garage door manufacturers incorporate LED light in their motors, so you get two in one. A garage door opener and a light source. We recently covered this and reviewed three different garage door openers with lights.

Today we want to show you a couple of very different products. One is offering an interesting new way to light up your garage and the other uses light as a security measure.

Making the most of your garage door

This is one of these products you can’t help thinking – how did they not think of this before. Using the space of the back of your garage door to house lights. Amazing!

A company called “Garage Door Lighting” is offering lighting systems for your garage. As mentioned, they are installed on your garage door’s back. They have systems to fit most garage door. single or double. The full system delivers 14,400 lumens which is equivalent to about 1,860 Watt – Pretty bright.

When the garage door is closed, the system provides light from the side and it will stay on when opening the garage door. when the garage door is fully overhead, you get the illumination from the ceiling.

The perfect system for DIY fans or home mechanics. If you are afraid of the power bill than you should know that according to the manufacturer, the system will cost you 11 cent an hour to run. It comes with a 1-year warranty and it will cost you $324.

What comes with your system:

  1. LIINC™ LED Lighting Strips

  2. LIINC™ Active Harness (plug & play wiring)

  3. LIINC™ Pre-Wired Low Voltage Driver

  4. LIINC™ Active Harness Mounting Tabs

  5. LIINC™ Track Bracket

  6. includes all necessary hardware

LED strip light – Safety lights for your garage door

Using LED lights attached to a garage door is not a new idea but until recently it was a DIY project used mostly for Christmas. Now you can find of the shelf products specifically designed for adding security light for your garage door.

Although they are mostly found in commercial garage doors, we think these systems will be more and more popular for home use as well.

When we say LED strip lights, don’t imagine crocked flashing Christmas lights with some bulbs not working. These systems were designed for this reason and function differently like using red light when the garage door is being operated and green when it’s fully closed and more.

One company which offers this system is “Action Industries”. The company provides products for the garage door industry.

LED Illuminated Garage Door Safety Kits – this product provides colored LED stripes to the garage door. They are connected to a controller and works with most photo-eyes or sensors you already have on your garage door.

This safety enhancement can reduce number of accidents especially in commercial garage doors but also with residential one as this can warn kids and seniors from operated garage doors.

The LED safety light features:

  1. Red when door is closed

  2. Flash red when in motion or loses power

  3. Solid green when fully open

  4. Flash white if safety eye fails

  5. Can display any color

Another Canadian company – “Wiz Overhead Doors” is offering a similar product but this one is smartly attached as a bar at the bottom of your garage door. It features a weather resistant rubber strip also used as a shock absorber.

These LED lights stretch the entire width of the garage door and because of that, each system is custom made.

As always, if you’re interested in one of these products or need help with your garage door, just call us at Integrity Garage Doors and Gates. We will be happy to help!

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