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Lego and Garage Doors

Because we like to play as much as we like to work.

Lego has always been a toy maker which likes to stay up to date with trends and produce creative and innovating Lego sets that appeal to all crowds. Kids, teen and adults. All love Lego.

We thought we celebrate and showcase amazing Lego products and projects that will blow your mind.

1971 Lego set - Garage with Automatic Doors

This vintage set now highly sought out item is as beautiful as it is simple. Just 38 pieces makes this oddly satisfying garage with mechanic operated doors which opens when you press a lever and close back when you release it. 

Although some vintage Lego sets could cost a small fortune, this one is only a few dollars. Worth buying as an investment.

10264 Corner Garage – Lego Set

This $200 brand new 2019 Lego set has 2,569 parts and its an impressing set. It holds so many features it will take a full article to review it. One of the coolest options in this set is the garage. With mechanic opening overhead door and even a car lift inside the garage. No doubt every kid will be thrilled to get this set (I also know a few adults that will enjoy it too…)

Vintage Lego Garage Doors – 1969

This is very rare vintage item. It was sold as an extra parts package and not as a full set. It’s hard to determine how much a set like this is worth since there are almost none out there. It’s all a matter of supply and demand. The right person will pay 4 digits number and more. The set itself is not very impressive but very cool. It has only a few pieces and operates mechanically. A very cool item for our opinion.

Automatic garage opener – from Lego

Lego has many fans and their customer community is very big. There are Lego shows which showcase the best Lego builders and the internet is full of Lego creations. Amazingly we’ll focus on the garage door opener. For quite some time Lego creators are searching for the best way to make an automatic garage door opener.

We’ve assembled some of the best out there. Most are done with the Lego Technic system and some even make use of the Lego Mindstorms computerized set for advanced Lego creations and programming.

Sliding doors and Gates

Let’s not neglect the gates and sliding doors section. There are a lot of example of sliding doors. We found this amazing video of a talented guy who made a automatic gate with sensors from Lego. Another nice work you can see here is of a sliding door system which works with the Lego Technic system.

If you came across other amazing Lego creations that are related to garage doors and gates, send us a link and we’ll publish them if they amaze us.

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