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Indoor garage doors? Check out these amazing ideas

Trendy, functional and extremely cool – the latest big thing in home design

The old garage door has found a new use. Once used to hide your car or cluttered storage is now moving indoor.

Home designers and architects are using these wide retractable doors to divide sections at home like your kitchen to your patio or use as a functional way to access your backyard or pool. Using garage doors as wide controlled windows allow opening your home to nature and fresh air at a touch of a button.

Sometimes the market dictates unexpected trends.

We all love sun light. Getting the most of this natural light source has been a key feature of home design since ever.

Until recently, this would have involve an expensive array of windows or glass moving doors. Now, creative home designers and homeowners with greater knowhow and inspiration are using garage doors as a stunning visual and practical solution.

Not to mention, much cheaper than any other solution.

The countless layouts and designs of modern garage doors lets us use these doors in an entirely new and creative ways.

Modern garage doors also offer noise and weather insulation so they can function as normal windows if not better.

Modern garage doors also allow many types of materials you can use. Also, since these doors are built for outdoor use, they are very resilient and offer maximum protection.

Another very cool feature is off course the fact that these garage doors use small motors to open and close the garage. That allows controlling these doors with a touch of a button.

Finally, can you control your windows with your smartphone? With these garage doors, you can. Using a motor to open and close these doors, allow you to connect them to your smart home components.

This means you can fully control these garage doors / windows via your smart home application. Remotely check if you left the window open and close it if necessary in touch of a button.

How about child safety?

Having the option to choose who can use these doors is very cool. Block access for small kids or punish your teenager and deny them from accessing the pool.

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