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Glass garage doors - The biggest trend in 2020

Not so long ago if you told anyone you’re considering installing glass garage doors people would have said you’re crazy. 

But in 2020 undoubtably the hottest trend in garage doors is glass.

With toady’s new composite materials and cutting-edge manufacturing methods it become quite common to see more and more glass garage doors.

Once considered as not the best and safest option to use now, with tempered glass and lightweight materials almost anything is possible.

The glass garage door doesn’t require any special door opener. The common motorized openers will do.

What glass garage door can give you

Here at Integrity Garage Doors we get more and more request for glass garage doors. Opaque or transparent, with brushed aluminum or fiberglass. The options are almost limitless.

Until recently if you wanted a more stylish door than the common fiberglass wood like material then the only other option was wood. But wood is expensive, and it requires attention. You need to regularly maintain it and if something needs replacing than it’s going to cost you.

Steel garage door due to their industrial look is mainly used in commercial areas.

And today we have glass. Not just any glass, but light-weight tempered glass which can handle almost any type of abuse and still stay in one piece.

With fiberglass doors dents are a common issue, with wood doors, as we’ve mentioned the cost is overwhelming. Glass doesn’t need any maintenance except normal cleaning and the wont bend or rust.

Using glass in residential or commercial areas

The use of glass in garage doors also allow for very cool designs. The glass in the garage door is never installed as one piece so you can use almost any type of materials for the joining sections. Steel is very popular, and you can have it in almost any shade and texture possible to match the chosen glass.

Also, glass garage door allows you to make the most of the natural sunlight and light your garage space free of charge during the day.

The glass itself is very special glass. It’s very strong but at the same time light-weighted. Double glazing allows for maximum insulation even more than the conventional garage doors.

In residential areas opaque glass is the way to go. You can have it shaded in light or dark colors to your choosing. In commercial shopping areas you can consider using transparent glass. This will give your business the perfect front and keep your business safe.

One more thing glass garage door has given us is the ability to use the garage door inside our homes and push the design envelope as we already shown in another article of ours which you can read here.

We will be more than happy to upgrade your home with a new trendy glass garage door.

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