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Garage Landscaping

Go small or dream big. Both ways can really upgrade your home.

In most cases, your garage is a significant part of your house exterior and often faces the front of your home so why ignore it or pretend its not there?

Designing and investing in landscape of your garage surrounding will boost up your house appearance and will bring continuity to your home whether your garage is a part of your house or a separate unit.

Choosing the right garage door is just the first part. Today, there’s an endless variety of garage door design to choose from. Different materials, windows design and countless colors and not to mention, Custom design garage doors. Once you decide the looks of the garage door than it’s time to move on to some landscaping.

Many people end the process here but as you’ll see, this could be just the beginning.


a term that keeps popping up in recent years. It refers to the design of the front of your house including the garage and surrounding areas.

By implementing simple design and gardening ideas you can increase the value of your house and make it more appealing to customers and make your house a focal point in your neighborhood.

Above the garage door

We’ll start with the biggest part of your house wall. After you chose the perfect garage door it is time for some above the garage door arbor. Vines, Ivy or any other climbing plant will go perfect with almost any garage door design. Don’t forget to add some color points by using colorful flowers.

Not only it will transform your garage completely, it will also provide much need shade in the summer and some protection from rain in the winter. Going green is always the right thing to do.


Upgrading your driveway will make a Hugh impact and take your house to the next level. There are many surface types you can choose instead of the same old grey concrete.

Grid design as shown in the pictures above or just use cobblestone or bricks to make the path and way to your home quite unusual.

Add some lighting

Many tend to forget about this important feature. Adding light to your garage and driveway is a must. Not only it provides extra security, it also can change the appearance of your home. hanging lanterns, lamp posts or spot lights can really upgrade any home.

If you use glass windows or full glass view for your garage than consider to also light your garage from the inside with some warm light so it will show from the outside.

All these lighting features can be easily incorporated into your smart home solutions so you can control it all from your smart-phone and set-up the lights, so they turn on automatically at the evening.

Water features

Increasing in popularity, water features can also contribute to your home curb appeal and add some relaxing waterfall and stream sounds. Make your home into a small paradise.

Many go for the stone fountain, but water-walls little streams and ponds are also an option. Just search in Google or Pinterest to get inspired. There are so many options.

Final words

If you’re considering replacing your garage door or make some home improvement and repairs to the front of your house than it’s probably a good idea to use the opportunity to also invest in landscaping or Curbscaping. Whichever you choose to call it.

As always, Integrity Garage Doors will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and offer any needed service. We use top of the line contractors to help our client realize their dreams.

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