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Garage door springs. All you need to know about this important garage door component

The No.1 cause for garage door fails.

  • So what is a garage door spring anyway?

  • Do I need one? 

  • Why is this the number one search when it comes to garage doors?

Let us try to answer these questions.

What is a garage door spring?

Most garage doors use springs to overcome the heavy weight of the garage door. Whether it’s a one panel, which swings up to the garage ceiling or a sliding garage door. Without this springs it will be impossible to open your garage door safely or have it stay open.

These garage door springs require periodic maintenance as they carry most of the load of the garage door.

Also, it’s important to remember that these springs have a life span of approx. 10,000 cycles Over time though, they weaken and will eventually break.

Maintaining a garage door spring

A properly maintained spring is essential for a fully working, reliable and safe to use garage door. 

Since it’s such an important part of the garage door unit, it’s best to have licensed professionals do this job. Most of the times a spring replacement is needed.

How to tell if my garage door spring needs replacing?

Noise – when your garage door is noisy when opening or closing, or make a squawking sound that means that the spring need lubrication. 

Again, it’s advised to use a professional to lubricate the spring properly without damaging the other parts.

Difficulty on using – when you find it hard to open or close your garage door it’s probably a good idea to have the spring replaced.

How much should it cost to replace my garage door spring?

There any a couple of garage door types depending on your garage door type and which spring was used during installation process. 

Normally the spring itself is not costly (30$ – 40$) but you need to take into account that labor fee is needed. 

This normally cost 180$ – 250$ depending on your location and the complexity of the original installation.

Final note, making sure your garage door spring is in perfect order is crucial to the integrity of the whole garage door. 

Once the springs fails, other components will soon follow, than you’ll have to replace the whole garage door.

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