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Garage Door Opener – Behind the scenes

Found in most American homes but most of us have no clue how it works.

If you are like most Americans, we are probably open your garage door about 1,500 times a year. The spring, which does all the heavy lifting, lasts about 10,000 cycles and overall, your garage door will last about 14,000 cycles of operation. But enough about statistics, let’s explain how all of this comes to work as a garage door.

Garage Door

Off course, there a many kinds of doors. Sectional, Roll-ups, Sliding and more. Today we’re focusing on the sectional garage door, which is by far the most popular in home garages.

The door itself is made out of different sections.

The sections are connected to each other with metal hinges, which allows the door to open and close with minimum of space required.

Inside each section, there are a couple of layers, which provide weather and sound insulation. The outside layer is mostly decorative and weather resistant and can simulated a variety of materials such as wood, plastic or metal.

Torsion Spring

This part takes the heavy load of the other components. Basically, a large spring made of composite materials which contracts and extracts to hold the weight of the door.

It has a lifespan of about 10,000 cycles and it should be constantly maintained. If you use a professional garage door company than you can have it serviced regularly.

Operator (or Motor)

This holds the actual electric motor and the electronic components that control the opening and closing of the garage door. 

The motor, typically a 1/2 horsepower electric motor is connected to a gear system, which, in its turn pulls the drive chain and opens the door. 

Sometimes it hold other components such as a Wi-Fi module and other sensors that allow for remote operation (see our Smart Garage Door article here)

Drive Belt

This is the part, which pulls the door up or guide the door down. Usually made from chains like a motorbike or sometimes from Kevlar polymer, which is quieter and more resilient. 

The belt seats inside a rail, which houses the belt for safety reasons.

If you wish to spy on your teenage kids, don’t use a Kevlar belt. The chain belt is nosier so you could hear when they leave and arrive with your car.


This is the part, which is mounted on the ceiling of the garage. It is there to guide and house the door while it’s open and guides it back when it’s closed. 

Made from Aluminum to reduce weight, they are the backbone of the entire system.

Safety components

Maybe the most important part in every garage door system, they are there to ensure that the door is safe to use. 

The two most relevant are the safety reversing sensor which make sure the motor stops once the door is fully closed or fully open. 

The other is the emergency release rope. This is there so you could open the door if there’s an electric malfunction. 

We strongly advise you to call a professional before using it. Using it without a specific need could cause a problem if not addressed.

Final note

Although its nice to learn and know about garage doors and how they operate, handling these components if you are not a professional is not advised.

Always call a professional Garage Door Supplier if you are in need of service or installation of a new garage door or other garage door components.

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