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Garage door insulation

Or the R-Value myth explained

If you are on the hunt for a new garage door then you probably heard the term R-Value when it comes to insulate your garage.

What does it mean? Should I care? 

We’ll try to explain a bit about this subject so your new garage door purchase will be easier.

Why do I need a garage door insulation for?

Well as you may or may not know, insulating your house is very important to keep the weather out the noise level low and your power bills under control. Your walls, roof and floors have built in insulation materials in them. 

The same goes for doors and windows. Those use double glazing and other methods to properly insulate them so why not your garage too?

The R-Value

Your garage door takes a lot of space and not insulating it will cause for heat lost and will not keep the noise out from the street. All major garage door makers market the use of different materials to get good insulation values known as R-Value which stands for Resistance value.

The R-Value used in the construction and building industries is a way to measure the resistant to the flow of heat. By using smart materials, you can reduce the transition of heat or cold. That means that the bigger the value, the better thermal insulation for the garage door. R-16 is better than R-12.

Why is that important?

So why not get the best insulation out there? Well, cost obviously is the reason. The better the insulation, the greater the price. 

You should consider some things before you can choose the level of insulation you require.

  1. Is your garage attached to your house – if yes, then you’ll need better insulation (not below R-10)

  2. Do you heat your garage? – if you like your garage at a comfy 45-50 degrees than make sure you use at least an R-12 insulation level

  3. If you use your garage for anything else beside park your car like gym, screening room, workshop or else – use R16 insulation level at minimum.

Obviously, there are other parameters you should check when you buy a new garage door. that is why it’s always smart to use a professional garage door supplier. 

They will be able to help you choose the right product for you and your needs.

What type of insulation is there for garage doors?

Normally you can choose from two main insulation designs most garage door manufacturers use. 

The difference between them is the material type used. Therefor the cost is different. The two popular insulating materials are polyurethane and polystyrene.

  1. Polyurethane – also known as Styrofoam. Mostly used in disposable cups and packaging materials. Is has about half of the resistance from polystyrene.

  2. Polystyrene – the most common material for house insulation. Used inside walls, roofs and floors. It contains different chemicals that make into high insulating foam.


Choosing the right garage door is very important and depends on many parameters such as where you live, your surroundings and more. Although we always recommend hiring a professional to help you choose and install your new garage door, it’s always a good idea to know about the meaning of the different parameters that will impact your choice.

The right company will make sure all your needs are answered and under budget.

 If you choose to use glass or wood garage doors, make sure they are also insulated.

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