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Garage Door hacked with a 34$ gadget!

device called "RollJam" can open almost any garage door.

Are you still using the old-style remote to open your garage door or gate? If so, than you are vulnerable to a popular and cheap hack.

These remotes, also known as “Rolling Code” remotes use a system that send a one-time code between the garage door opener and the remote key. Once the code was sent once, it changes the next time and so on.

The same system is used in most car lock systems.

The “Gadget” called “RollJam” was developed by SAMY KAMKAR and was presented at “DefCon” conference in Las Vegas way back in 2015. 

Unfortunately, most carmakers and garage door openers still use old and outdated systems so it’s a good idea to move on to more secured systems.

The way “RollJam” works is by blocking the signal between the remote and garage opener. 

The user than sees that nothing happens and press the remote again. This time, the code is stored on the device and can be used later to open your garage door or car in a click.

These “Code Grabbers” has been around for quite a while but carmakers preferred to move to a different radio signal. 

The “RollJam” is different because it can intercept all radio signals therefore all-current remote system are vulnerable.

Kamkar, the developer behind “RollJam” says he’s tested the proof-of-concept device with success on on Nissan, Cadillac, Ford, Toyota, Lotus, Volkswagen, and Chrysler vehicles, as well as Cobra and Viper alarm systems and Genie and Liftmaster garage door openers. 

This means Billions of cars and garage doors are vulnerable to attacks such as this.

So what do you do? Well, today it’s recommended to move to what is known as a smart system. These systems use 256-bit encoding systems that are sent via secured Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and are much more secured than the old systems. (You can read more about these systems in another article here). 

You can find another article on recommended systems and reviews here.

Another reason to move to a smart system is the added features you get once you install one. You can get notifications each time the garage door opens and see who opened or closed it.

If match with security cameras you get a live feed and videos recorded every time the garage is being used. You can even have control on multiple garage doors if you wish.

Those systems are also equipped with what is known as “Geo-Fencing” which allows you to have the garage door open automatically when you arrive home.

Whatever system you choose, we recommend using a professional to do the install to make sure that your garage is secured.

Unfortunately, many carmakers are still using these systems, which means that your car maybe isn’t protected but at least it’s parked in a secured garage.

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