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Garage Door Art – not for everyone

Amazing garage door art are realistic, sometimes weird but extremely eye-catching

When we talk about garage door art we normally thing about NY style graffiti or a sprayed logo on commercial garages, but around the world there’s a new trend of creative ways to showcase your garage.

This trend which involves creative designs for garage door was originated in Europe (Oddly or not from Germany) and since then spread around the world and even made local appearance here in the US.

Normally done by applying vinyl stickers on the surface of the garage door or by having an artist do the creative work. Although not recommended to use at your home garage (unless you want to be annoy your neighbors or be a major accident cause).

If you are a business owner or use garages in commercial or industrial zones then this could really upgrade your business presence. We’ve assembled some of the best (and strange) designs out there.

Thomas Sassenbach

This pioneering German artist is famous for his ultra-realistic designs. “I wanted to bring a sense of fun and style to garages and so I came up with head-turning designs”

He use vinyl stickers with printed designs so it’s relatively easy to install and even easier to remove without leaving any leftovers. You can see all his designs and work on his website – Style-Your-Garage. 

You can even order some fun design for your garage. You can order a single garage design or a double garage design and even send him your own design for print.

Outdoor mural art

This New-York based company specialize in creative custom mural art for any purpose but specifically for garage doors. They even have a photographed installation guide for DIY customers.

Ranging from $500 – $800, although not cheap, they provide a weather resistant vinyl sticker for your single or double door garage. They will even through in a specialized knife and DVD guide to help installation process. As always, if needed, use a professional like us to install these stickers for you.

Art-on-Site San Francisco

As always, being a San Francisco based company, we support local suppliers.

Darcy Brown, executive director of San Francisco Beautiful, is involved in numerus projects intended to make San Francisco beautiful with art. If you have a commercial door or just wish to have your home garage into an amazing work of art, you can contact her on her project page here.


Another local business specialize in Graffiti and street art we wish to promote. Each design in custom made for the client with brushes and spray can by a group of talented artists.

Using vinyl and other technics they combine, they make 3D like designs with creative results. 1am team first learn the needs and the client design the work and then execute the design itself on site. Located in San Francisco and Oakland, you can read more about them and watch more of their amazing designs here.

As always, here at Integrity Garage Door will be more than happy to help you transform your garage door to a work of art.

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