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Garage door accidents

What you need to know to avoid these type of injuries​

Each year over 13,000 Americans are injured in accidents involving garage doors. Some cases even resulting in death. In addition to those cases, out of those about 7,500 cases are of pinching injuries, mostly when fingers are getting caught while operating the garage door. The majority of the more serious injuries accrue when someone tries to outrun the closing garage door and try to go beneath it. 

The other cases are a direct result of neglecting your garage door ’till the point of malfunction.

About 800 people will suffer injuries from glass parts of the garage door each year. This number tough is reducing each year thanks to composite and smart materials used instead of glass for the window part of the garage door.

* CPSC’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) is a national probability sample of hospitals in the U.S. and its territories

As you can see, most injuries are caused due to the lack of proper attention. This is practically noticed with children and pets. 

There are a numbers of checks you could do yourself to help prevent these type of accidents with small kids.

Test the reverse mechanism

All motorized garage door openers have a safety mechanism to ensure the door won’t crush on any foreign object. 

Place a 2X4 wood block on the ground where the door meets the floor and close the door. 

The garage door should open back up automatically when it hits the wood block. If it doesn’t call a professional immediately.

Check the protecting panels

No moving part should be anywhere near a reach of a child. If there parts like these, they need to be protected with plastic covers so no child will insert his hand by mistake.

Garage Doors and Kids

The best way to avoid garage door injuries is to make sure no kids or pets are near the door when you operate it. 

Make sure you lock the inner door that leads to the garage. If you have older kids, make sure they know the garage is off limits for them. 

And most importantly, when it comes to your garage door or gate, always follow the safety instructions and maintain regularly by calling professionals.

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