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CO2 – the secret killer

Why you should install a CO2 sensor in your garage

We already know that. CO2 is a silent killer. Each year we emit millions of tons of CO2 to the air we breathe. The latest Hugh fire in the Amazon rainforests made us realize how important it is to be able to monitor the CO2 levels in your environment.

Forest fires emit a Hugh amount of CO2 and as well know, San Francisco is in hazardous environment and forest fires are common here. Also, since your car also emits CO2 to your garage it is a good idea to have a sensor like this installed in your home.

If you install CO2 sensor in your home, you’ll be able to monitor these levels in your near environment. If CO2 levels spike than a wild fire or a dangerous event is happening near you so you can get an early notice (maybe even before the emergency services will notify your area).

If CO2 levels, go up when you park your car than this means that there’s something wrong with your car’s engine or exhaust system. Another great reason to install this cheap and easy to install sensor.

We’ll review here the most common and recommended CO2 sensors you can find. In most cases you’ll be able to install it yourself. If you’re not a DIY person or you’re having a new garage door installed than ask your garage door supplier to install one for you. It’s almost costless and can save your life.

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector

This CO2 sensor is battery operated and very small so you can fit it wherever you want or even buy a bunch of them and install in different locations around your home. It has an electronic CO2 sensor and a loud speaker to sound a beeping alarm if CO2 is reaching dangerous levels.

It costs around $14 for each one and can easily be found online. It will also notify you when its time to replace the 9V battery and it comes with 5 years of warranty.

Kidde Nighthawk Plug-in Carbon Monoxide & Explosive Gas Detector Alarm

A very long name for very small product. This all in one detector has two sensors in it. One for CO2 and another for Propane and other flammable gases. It can also show you peak levels so you can learn about the CO2 and other gases levels when you’re away.

Like the first sensor it has a loud alarm but it also has a power outlet in addition to the battery so it will stay on even when power failure accrues. Costing at around $40 it’s more expansive but you also get more.

Hydrofarm APCEM2 Autopilot Desktop CO2 Monitor

This is the most beautiful and high-tech looking sensor. At around $100 per unit it’s not cheap but it has a real cool digital display which can also show you the levels around the day and calculate trends so you can see if there’s a change in CO2 levels in your home environment.

Unlike many sensors, it uses two types of sensors so you can be sure that the displayed CO2 levels are correct. This sensor also has a power outlet and backup battery for power failures.

Hand Held Carbon Monoxide Meter

The last sensor is a handheld device. It also performs like the other sensors but its handheld and mobile. You can take it anywhere and small enough to fit in your pocket. At around $90 it’s not cheap but it’s small and easy to operate. It uses one 9V battery and even comes with a case.

Once you operate it, it shows the CO2 levels in seconds and it also has a stay on mode so you can use it as a CO2 levels alarm.

Final notes

We think a CO2 level should be installed in each garage. In closed public parking spaces, there are CO2 sensors speeded all around. It’s the law. Why should our private home and garage should be any different?

We encourage you to install a CO2 level sensor today or call your favorite garage door supplier and have them install one for you.

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