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Can I automate my current driveway gate?

If you want to really upgrade your gate or making it smart, then this is for you.

Unlike garage doors, many gates are not motorized and therefore not automated. We still use the same old way since ever, which means getting out of your car and manually open the gate, get back in the car to drive trough the gate and then get back out to close the gate behind you or give the hole thing up and just leave it open which kind of missing the point of having a gate in the first place.

Come in automatic gates and smart gates. You can really upgrade your gate and life by installing a motor to open the gate for you and while at it, why not connect it to a remote system which will allow you to open it in a click or via smartphone or even have it open for you automatically when you arrive home. This is how it’s done.

The first question we get is do I need a new gate, or can I leave the current one? For customers with a budget, we often can upgrade the existing gate. The only gates that is not recommended for this upgrade are timber gates. Those if automated will not last long especially if made from softwood.

Another thing to consider is the type of gate. Is it a sliding gate, moving gate or else? The ground level is also important to determine what type of motor should be used. This should be done by professionals and every situation is different. Overall there are three main ways to automate a gate.

Scissor Arms (or Articulated Arms) – Not suitable for sliding gates

This is the most common and cost effective way to automate your gate. Basically, there are two pistons, one for each side of the gate. Therefore, it’s not suitable for sliding gates. It’s the cheapest and easiest solution to install.

Also, in case of malfunction or power failure, it’s the easiest to disconnect and repair if needed.

Rams (or Above the ground motors)

This method is ideal for low budget and flooded areas. Ram gates are popular and will work in most cases. They are also cost effective since they can be easily approached to maintain and fix. In case power failure, they are also easy to disconnect so you can get your car out if necessary.

Underground motors

This is the choice of many because they allow for a clean look and harder to mess with. Unless you live in flood zone, then this might be the gate opener for you.

It’s more expensive then the other two since the installation requires to dig a hole near your gate. In it the box with the motor and electronics is placed. If you have large trees near your gate, then this might be a problem due the tree’s root.

Whatever the choice you make, if you want to also automate your gate then it’s necessary by law and for safety reasons, that you install sensors to make sure the gate is safe to use. The law also requires you to use a professional and licensed installer.

Once the gate is motorized then it can be turned into a smart gate with the proper additions. This will allow you to control the gate’s motor via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If you choose Wi-Fi, you get full control including Geo-Fencing, allowing you to automatically open the gate for you when your car gets near it (you can define the exact distance). All of this can be accessed and configured via a Smartphone. You could even check to see the gate’s status if you’re not sure if you closed it when you left home.

Another cool addition is a security camera allowing you to also see who’s at the gate and watch the gate remotely and see recorded videos of visitors.

If you have any questions or require such an upgrade, don’t hesitate. Pick up the phone and call us at Integrity Garage Doors and Gates and will have you automated in no-time.

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