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Automatic grow closets for your garage

Endless weed supply without any effort.

Thank god we live in California! Unless you’re stoned to death or live under a rock, it is now legal to smoke weed in California. now if you want to smoke at the comfort of your own home, you can!

Since this blog is about garages and garage doors then we thought it would be cool to give you this guide on how to use your garage to grow Marijuana plants for self-consumption.

Your garage is the perfect place to host what is known as automatic growing closets. These relatively new devices allow anyone to grow Cannabis plants (or other plants if you insist) without any knowledge.

Just put the seeds in, connect to a power supply and that’s it. After a couple months you get a beautiful full-grown plant to harvest. Many devices have more features than you can think of including live HD video of your plant and even time-lapse videos of the growing process.

Some devices can even dry the plant’s flowers for you so you can just pick them and smoke.

Although not cheap, these devices have a high ROI since all you need to purchase are the seeds. Some of these devices requires you to also buy nutrition cartridges (like printers do only with all the stuff the plant needs) but again, if you compare it to the actual price of ready to smoke weed, there’s no question.

So, without further due here are some of the most popular devices out there.


We’ll start off with one of the coolest devices out there to our opinion. This is a fridge like device is fully automatic we found it so easy to use. It has every feature you can think of and more. Although it’s one of the most expensive solution at $2,690 it’s the easiest to use and yield a nice amount of weed.

  1. App controlled door lock

  2. Live Stream Camera

  3. Odor preventing active carbon filter

  4. Five-part LEAF nutrient line

  5. Air temperature and humidity control

  6. Water temperature control

  7. Water tank pump for easy water extraction + filling

  8. City water + sewage connection for automatic water tank changes (optional)


The Seedo Homelab is another cool device that act like Leaf’s product. It’s fully automatic and holds all the things the plant needs like CO2, water, light and nutrition. At $2,400 it’s a bit cheaper and gives the same yields.

  1. Autonomic home growing device

  2. Designed for smart usage of space

  3. Utilizing intelligent AI growth technology

  4. Mobile-enhanced automation

  5. Grow your own pesticide-free herbs and vegetables

  6. Delivers maximum yield 


This California based company also makes a cool product called GearBox Gen3. This automated growing closet can hold up to 6 plants (but 1 is recommended). It costs $2,690 but at the time of writing this article it is sold out.

  1. Ambient Control.

  2. Light Schedule

  3. Nutrient control and watering

  4. pH Control

  5. Autonomy

  6. Drying Mode

  7. Odor Control


At $2,199 it’s the cheapest solution. Also, a all-in-one solution for growing your plants. One drawback to our opinion is the see-through window which will showcase whatever it is you’re growing. All the other solutions are more discreet.

  1. Automatic nutrient dosing

  2. Automated pH balancing

  3. Responsive LED lighting

  4. 24/7 environmental monitoring

  5. Optional drying racks

Final notes

California is leading the way in what is now known as weed-tech. because it’s legal by law to consume Marijuana for personal use, we have a lot of entrepreneurs and new products and services each year.

Here at Integrity Garage Doors we believe in keeping you informed about the latest trends and innovations for you and your garage. Enjoy… 😊

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