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Amazon Key

What is it? Do I need one? How do I get it?

Recently we got a lot of feedback and questions about Amazon’s new service called Amazon Key. As we mentioned in a previous article of ours (you can read it here), Amazon Key, is a new service by Amazon targeted at garage owners.

The new service offers in-garage package delivery. So, what does it means and how does it work?

Amazon Key is a basically a smart and secure system to get deliveries to your home, garage or even your car. On this article we’ll obviously focus on delivery to your garage.

Amazon has partnered with Chamberlain, a well-known garage door opener manufacturer. They use their flag product named MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener.

It’s a garage door opener system which is connected to your Wi-Fi network at home and allows you full control on your garage door. We covered this issue in another article we published. You can find it here.

Once you purchase and install the MyQ system, you can easily set up Amazon Key that will integrate with your garage door. there are a couple of very cool features you can benefit from with this system installed at your home.

Get notified on each step

First, you get tracking and notification on each step your package is going through once it was delivered. Each of Amazon delivery operation is granted access to your packages and delivery destination (it can be also your home or your car).

This access it only given to the correct driver on the right route and the right package. The notifications you get are sent by Amazon’s Key app which works both on iOS and Android devices.

Off course, you get a notification in real-time when the delivery guy places the package inside your garage.

Receive a video confirmation

This system is a smart way to give temporary access to a delivery company to your garage. Once the package is delivered. The garage door will close on command by the delivery guy and a notification is sent to you.

The very cool option you could add to that is a camera which is placed inside your garage and integrates with your garage door smart system.

Not only you get added security for your home (the camera records each time the garage door is opening and closing) but, you also get a video notification and confirmation which shows the garage door opens the package placed inside by the delivery guy and then the garage door closes. This gives you a very clear and documented delivery confirmation.

Will this work with my garage door?

Amazon Key and Chamberlain’s MyQ system fits on most garage door. if you don’t have a garage door opener then you can by the full kit which contains the motor opener and everything, you’ll need to install this system on your existing garage door.

If you do have a garage opener already, you can use Amazon Key’s tool to determine what exactly you need to purchase to get this system to work on your current garage door opener.

They support just about any garage door opener out there. Amazon Key’s service covers most major cities in the US. You’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription to use Amazon Key. Is get check for availability and compatibility on Amazon’s site here.

What we think of it?

Well, Amazon’s Key service is not for everyone. It does give you a very well-engineered system which delivers the package to your home at the time you choose and when you’re not home, the package gets delivered to your dry and safe garage.


even in today’s modern life it still a bit creepy to have the delivery guy in your home, car or garage when you’re not there.. some may feel uncomfortable with this to say the least.

Also, the cost ranges from $50-$200 and more depending on the exact configuration you’ll choose, and this is without the added monthly fee for Amazon Prime’s subscription.

Key by Amazon is gaining more and more popularity and as of this date of writing this article it hasn’t been compromised although we guess it’s just a matter of time.

If you choose so, then Integrity Garage Doors will be more than happy to install Amazon Key system and will instruct you and your family about how use it safely.

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